Genji Monogatari Senneki Cosplay Princess Fujitsubo junihitoe(12 layer kimono) Costume Outfit

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  • Made by cotton and polyester
    This is a simple version of standard junihitoe (12 layer kimono), and the pattern fabrics may be used out, so we may change the pattern fabrics before making. The client may also request to change the main color, please contact us with your color requirement and order No.;
    This is a heavy and valued item, the shipping fee of it cannot be waived as "$650.00
    EU €478.56
     free shipping" discounts offer, and this item is no return/exchange, so please provide your size carefully, Thank you! 

    Including (from inside to outside): 
       short kosode, long sleeves inside blouse, made by cotton broadcloth in white, hip length;
       hakama, skirt, made by smooth cotton in red, pleated, ankle length;
       hitoe, wide long sleeves inside robe, made by smooth cotton in red, floor length;
       uchigi, wide long sleeves robe, made by cotton in pink, floor length, multi-layers on collar and cuffs (color in pink-hot pink-reddish purple-deep purple-white(*the original fabric of uchigi is run out, the latest default fabric would be changed to red fete floret);
       uchiginu, wide long sleeves robe, made by uniform polyester in deep purple, floor length;
       waist belt, made by uniform polyester in deep purple;
       uwagi, wide long sleeves robe, made by patterned satin or cotton in pink, floor length;
       karaginu, wide long sleeves robe, made by patterned satin or cotton in deep purple, mid-thigh length ;
       white pleated skirt, made by smooth cotton, pleated, floor length

  • This is a Make-to-Order item. We make this item after you paid. Please click here to check the making time of this month.

-Standard (body) size

The body measurement of standard sizes listed in photo, please chose your size from the chart photo, according to your nature bust/waist/hip, pick up the one most close to your nature data. More info

-Custom size

Choose custom size, $25 extra fee needed; OR plus size (waist size above 100cm/39.3in), $40 extra fee needed, and fill in your measurement of Height, Bust, Waist, Hip please. More Info.