TYPE-MOON, Tsukihime Cosplay, Hisui Maid Costume Set

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  • Made by cotton
        brown dress, dark red collar and cuffs
        hair dress
        red ribbon bow

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    TYPE-MOON, Tsukihime Cosplay, Hisui Maid Costume Set

    Posted by Aozora on 30th Oct 2023

    Almost perfect. Almost. It looks almost exactly like the preview picture as well. The 3 big differences with the picture being that the apron frills are more noticeable, especially with the headband (a very good thing), the apron itself is made of thin material and slightly, but noticeably, transparent below the breasts where the material isn't doubled (a bad thing, it shows up in pictures) and the ribbons on the back of the apron aren't as thick (another good thing). The only real problem I have with the costume is that the red ribbon is a bit too short to properly tie around my neck so I had to tie the bow and pin it on the collar. If this is how it is supposed to be worn (and game artwork suggests that maybe it is) then it should probably come pre-tied with some way to fasten it to the collar. 2 things that maybe should be changed are the shoulder straps for the apron (they're too wide) and the shoulders for the dress (they should be padded). Something that maybe should be added are pockets in either the apron or (preferably) dress. Hisui does not use a handbag or purse so she must have pockets for things like keys and a wallet. I'm not sure why, but a small curly brown haired wig was included. I didn't even realize you did wigs. An actual Hisui wig would be an excellent addition to the costume, but this brown wig is unnecessary and could be left out. Now for the good stuff. Having the apron zipper under the right arm is a good idea to conceal it. My zipper tends to get stuck halfway even when I'm not wearing it and can be difficult to zip or unzip but it's not too much of an issue. I mentioned before that the apron ribbons are thinner. This makes it easy to tie. I wouldn't want to try and tie the ribbons shown in the preview picture. Very glad they changed that. I love attention to detail so the fact that the buttons on the dress are a slightly lighter brown than the dress itself (just like in the game artwork) is brilliant. Chef's kiss. The buttons are completely covered by the apron and ribbon as well, as they should be. the cuffs and collar are perfect. They are crisp and firm and the collar is up like in the game artwork and not down like in the preview pic. The outfit itself fits perfectly and is very easy to move in. The material is thin and cool to the touch yet at the same time keeps the heat in. I first wore this in late October and had no issues whatsoever outside in cool temperatures. It was a bit more uncomfortable once I stopped moving inside of a warm building but I have issues with heat anyway so it's probably a me problem and not an outfit problem. If you do get warm in the outfit, though, ventilation will be an issue as the material is not breathable. Personally I don't think I'd be able to wear it in summer, but, again, I have heat issues. I know I complained a bit here but most of these are minor issues, the only real issues I had were the red ribbon, the thin apron material and maybe the lack of pockets. This really is the best Hisui cosplay available that I could find. I never even considered buying the others that I found as they weren't even close to how it's supposed to look. Unfortunately this rating system doesn't allow for half star ratings. My actual rating is a solid 4.5/5, not the 4/5 that I have selected. If you're looking for Hisui cosplay there really is no other option than this.